Concepts:Indias New Tech laden sports car The TAMO RACE MO

Tata was the surprising show stopper at the 2017 Geneva Motor show with its snazzy new sports car The TaMo RaceMo,Developed by Tata motors new subsdiary The TaMo RaceMo uses a new flexible composite material in its Multi Material Sandwich  chassis .The  company claims that this will allow faster production time,and its claimed 22-month development time from scratch for the RaceMo is itself quite impressive for starters


Shifting focus from its modular designing,The RaceMo is the first car under Tata motors and microsofts connected car plateforms.Under this The RaceMo  will present advanced satelite navigation cloud storaged services to backup

and store drive statistics and on-road driving details.This will allow predictive maintenance and assist cues to improve car performance and in future even relay live road info and talk to other cad based on the same plateform.

Inside the car has three TFT displays behind the sporty steering wheel ,something gamers wound relates.

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