Mobile Madness Which Always Happen with Us

You have to try these games out on your smartphone:

Little Big City 2

Little Big City 2 is the Latest interation of the ever popular city building games.The basics of the games remain the same you build a city from scratch essentially trading in time for resources.The graphics in this game are gorgeous and approach the quality in SimCity Builit The leader of this category One innovative twist is ability to decided wheather you want to buil a futuristic city,an industrial city or an artistics city,The game will delight fans of this Genre.

However,if city builders are not for you stay away also compared to sim city or cities skyline,This will remain deeply unsatisfactory  because it is close to farmville than it is to those legends,Little Big City 2 is good for a quick fix of low maintenance city building.There are even a few mini-games incorporated within the game.The storyline and characters are mildly interesting .The citizen and local bussiness need some resources.Play this Games for what is the most complete vity building experienced on the Mobile Platform


Bowmasters  surprise ,surprise ,is about mastering the mighty bow and arrow The mechanism of the games are fairly Simple ,quite similar to pocketTank ,One touch controls allows you to regulates the angle and power of your shot.As with other games like this,it boils down to some clever estimation and trial and error. Now coming to how the game looks the games features a cartoon like designs and is rather remins cent of Dumbways to die with its imagery of happy  characters dying gruesome deaths.THe game however.Features a more diverse set of characters ranging  from a Storm troopers to walters Black.Also each of these has  a unique weapon,As in walter throws a bottle of acid and Dr.Mick a mad scientist  uses a syringe.

THe game has several modes which allows you to play.Two of the mOdes are one where you hunt birds and one where you shoot  a fruit perched atop someones head and hope you don’t kill them.THe interface like everything else in this undeniably slick


With some  of the finest graphics ever seen in a tower defence game,Castle Creeps definitely up the ante for this genere.This game has medieval fantasy theme and features elves and knights battling orges and monsters  in picturesque setting, The Game Also  features a host of colourful character a story line and occassionaly witty dialogue.Like all  the tower defence games you start off with a fixed amount of money that you can spend on different  kinds of defences while keeping the Particular weaknesses of your enemeis in mind,

There are also daily quests that yeild resources which are used to level up the towers.The games is free but has in app purchases.This games because after a few chapters the game starts demanding lots of resources in order to progress Unless you are’nt extremely persistent you will need to spend in order to proceed.



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