New tatas hybrid bus concepts buses and its smart cities initiative



At the launch of its new starbus hybrid and electric production units and the Hydrogen fuel cell bus concepts,Tata put a lot of emphasis on how it intends to promote smart cities in india.The talk was centered around India’s steadily worsening traffic situations growing concerns on pollutions sustainable means and the prospects of converting Indian metros into smart cities.



Each of tatas new buses are equipped with GPS modules that will relay traffic info along with public WiFI network.Seats  will have USB ports installed for charging devices on the go and tata has also proposed the making of transist  card – one which will be valid across every miles of your commute.

First mile commute will be covered by e bike and e-ricksaw taking you to  a smart  bus depot.These depots are placed in regular intervals and lead to transit hubs that connected to differents  districts.The last miles connectivity also works similar to first miles measures.You will get an app and constant WIFI access to  pre-book bus seats or electric recharge your transit card check timing and traffic pay for all your commutes with one card and get personalised  content service too.

A central traffic managment system will monitor the entire public transport system and all the vehicles in transit  will be electric hybrid  relaying on clean energy sources.It is this that tata is aiming for the with its new buses already having recieved orders for a fleet of 25 new tata starbus hybrid and more is expected by it

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