The dji mavic pro is a rather small drone but don’t lets its size fool you.The DJI Mavic pro boasts having the most sophisticated of DJI flying cameras witha whooping 24 computing cores a transmission system with 7km rane four visual sensors and a 4k camera which is stabilised by a 3-axis mechanical gimbal with DJI new OcuSync transmission technology ,

the Mavic uses flight autonomy  to see obstacles and object as far as 15m in front of its so that it can avoid them the mavic comes

with several modes such as Active Tracker where you only need to tell the mavic who or what to track and let the Mavic do its thing Other modes include trace profile and spotlight the mavic also has a gesture mode wherein you only need gesture as it to take a photo vision positioning on the mavic comes with GPS and GLONASS to ensure precise postioning .You can get you hand on this drone for 65373.36 Indian Rupee

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