Review of Futuristic Car Tesla Model X.

 A futuristic electric car with a ludicrous speed

After making the world realise even that electric cars can posses a sense of elegance,Tesla Had announched their next iteration with the Model X,an entry into SUV category and expected the ca does’nt fall short of reflecting how cars will be designed in the Future,With falcon-wing doors,reminiscent of the DeLorean from Back to future,Our hero Elon Must Stated that its the safest car in the world in which will recievce a five star safety rating.The model X will now available to the public in three variants the cheapest version 70D will starts ate around Rs.53 Lakhs.The Lower end 70d will be capable of travelling with a top speed of 225 kmph and cover an estimated distance of 354km.The mid variant 90D will be able to travel a distance of about 414Km at a top speed of 250kmph.The high-end P90D drops the travel distances to 403 km but bumps up the max speed,enabling you to go from 0-100kmph in 3.8 second for just 3.2 second the ludicorus model.It definetly does sound ludicrous for an  electric car to reach these speeds.Adding of all the possible upgrades will sump up the Model X with a price well over Rs 66 Lakh


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