Review On one of the best Lenovo Vibe K5

A reliable Budget Smartphones

Lenovo Vibe K

Priced at Rs 66,999 the Lenovo Vibe K5 is powered by ythe Qualcomm snapdragon 415 SoC and 2GB of RAM .Overall performacne is respectable-regular apps lke Facebook,Whatsapp and Google Chrome opens smoothly and even with five such apps open ,swithcing is fairly smooth,In terms of gaming,There are noticeable lags in the in-game menus.The overall gameplay is good considering the price in device.There are stutters but games remain playable,The 13MP primary camera is quite impressive for its price,it balances colours well and although there is a lack in terms of crisp detail the vibe K suffices for the capturing impromptu moments.

Image noise,However is persistent,Brightness in photos is slightly low,but the true to sources colours help in fines tunin photos.The 5MP front camera though softens photos which can be slightly disappointing.

While lenovo own UI is not the best around,The display itself does well with colour and warmth It is slightly dim, which hampers direct sunlights veiwing.The Front-facing Dolby atmos speakers add to the entertainment and the devices is ergonomic on overall terms,In terms of battery life,You can expects nearly 15 hours of average usages.

While the Ximoi Redmi 3s Prime is better performer,The Lenovo Vibe K5 is worthy contender in the sub-10k smartphone range

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