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1.2017 BMW i8:

The New BMW i8 eco sports car will be the newest in BMW’s “i” family to be revised.The new i8 will reportedly have a 10% boost in power.The 1.5 litre 3-pot petrol mill will also  be seeing a slight update.This will bring the total ouytput to 420 horsepower which is good 60HP more that its current model offers.The new model i8 will also have revised automatic transmisison the new six speed transmsiion is recieving new software mapping to improve its performance beyond the current i8,allowing it to surpass the current 4.4 seconds it  takes to go frim 0-62 mph,the car is also expected to upgrade its battery so as to extend the car’s electric and total range.There’s a whole bunch of new upgrades in addition to ones we just mentioned such as a possibly tweaked chassis carbon fibre wheels and even an inductive charging system among other things,BMW’s “i’range will go on to eventually have seven models and the next is roadster version of the i8.The BMW i8 Is expected to one out later next year

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