Series 2#Tips adn Tricks of the Pc adnroid windows internet etc

Hey Guyz here we came with some short tricks and tips for your pc smartphone or etc so continue reading,

1.Make siri talk to you like Lego Batman

Siri just learned a new trick it will talk to you s if you re LEGO Batman if you say “hey computer”

2.Use voice commands to install Windows 10:

The creators update for windows 10 is going to bring a cool features in April that lets you install a fresh copy of Windows 10 assisted by Cortana.This means you go through the operating system installation using your voice,You don’t need to be connected to the internet to use this features.Creators Update is sheduled for  April and staring then you’ll be able to install  Windows 10 using voice commands.We have tested it on the insider previes of the Creators Updates and it works just expected.

3.Get Multiples floating Windows Apps:-

With this applications you can create mu multiple windows like on other computer with all running different applications at the same time.The app currently has 32 individulas  app that you can access and operates in smaller windows,For instances you can have an browser a stop watch ,Youtube calculator, and even a phone dailer all operating systema t the same time.The applications offers a lot of customisations and from  the setting you can change the theme font size,transparency,language,even add a launcher notifications bar,enable or diable hardware acceleration etc,Tiny apps is another similar applications that might not include as many features as floting apps but offers a more intuitiv eand responsive UI

4.Ask cortana what your friends are doing

While you are using Xbox One,you may ask cortana to check  what your friends are doing.Just ask “hey cortana is (friends name)online? or what is (friends name)doing.She’ll tell you whether your Xbox live friend is online and what he is doing for examples”Watching TV.

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