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Control Everything with voice


Smart assistants have created a revolution in controling everything with voice. From our smartphone to our living rooms,voice controlled systems are taking up everything.With the significant progresss made in Machines Learning and Natural Language,Processing,Voice controlled applications can now understands different accents and do smart things,Taking advantages of that lets try to control everything entirely with voice commands.

Enable Voice operations on Playstation

You”ll need the playstation camera or a standard headset that you use while gaming to use the built-in voice operations mode.If you have the required gear,enable voice operation by navigating  to setting>system> vocie operation setting>check “operates PS$ with voices” after enabling you can access voice operatins by saying Play stations or hitting th L2 button on the controller,You can ask PS4 to take screenshots, start/stops,broadcast,turn off PS4 etc

Make your Own Amazon Echo using Raspberry Pi

Amazon Echo is an amazing devices,Unfortunatly if is not offcially available in india yet,If you want Amazon alexa to be part of  your living room you can make your own using Raspberyy piand some hardware you can find in your home.It is a lengthly procedure but not at all complex ,Just follow the Guide in

Watch youtube videos in a floting videoplayer

Say you nwant to stream youtube while fiddling on  Twitter at the same time? You can do that using “Background floting tube”Basically it is an app that allows you to play youtube videos on a floting re-size able player that can play on top of any other application


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