Take Money Desire Of Gadgest,Here is Top three Gadgest Which Yo may like

Here is where we keep an eye on crowdfunded projects that will make you go”shut up and take moneEy


The MagBolt is a 2-in-1 Magnetic connector that works for both android and Iphone Devices.Thnaks to its connectors you can quickly and seamlesly charge your devices with magnetic coupling, One of the MagBolt’s variants comes with full supports for the new iphone7 which means supports for botth audio and power through the same connector.It easy to conenct and supports fast charge as well so you can use 2A Max current throughtput for your devices.The magnet Contains rare earth magnet  So the connection is secure.With the MagBolts you can synchronise and transfer you data  and files while simultaneously charging your phone,and its also dust and water resistant.The MagBolts is unobtrusive and small,It wont snag or get caught anywhere and works with almost every phone case

2.PowerVision PowerRay

The power Vision Ray  Drone aims to make fishing a fast paced activity,as compared to its slow and relaxed state right now.The powerVision PowerRay uses sonar to locate fish within 30 metres abd sends alerts when it detects anything.If that was’nt enough,It sends a live HD feed directly to your android or iOS devices,So you can get visual Confirmation of whatever it was that alerted the powerRay But thats not all! The Drone can draw fish closer withs its LED lure and  even  record the momentof the catch in 4K Glory.If fishing doesnt intrest you dont worry strap on a VR Headset and explore lakes and ponds in firts person.The PowerVision PowerRay can Be controlled From 70 Metres away.The expected release  and Price of the Power Ray Hasnt been declared Yet.


The Podu is a tiny bluetooh camera which you can stick on to pretty much any solid flat surfaces.No need for hand selfie sticks.Or pesky mounts!,It go a micro-adhesive sticky pads at the back which is reusable amd washes with the watre.Through the Podo App you get live video  feed directly on your smartphone where you can set timer capture timelapse etc.Everything gets transferred directly to your phone.The Podu comes with a wide andle 5MP sensor  and You can Sync up to  6podos to one phone,The podu weighs 43 grams, Comes with an LED indictor rin,8GB of Memory and Bluetooth 4.2.This neat cameras Is expected to retail at just $79 but you can grab a limited early bid unit jus $39 on kickstarter

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