Top 3 Budget DSLRs Camera Of the Year 2017

If smartphones camera aren’t cutting in anymore maybe it is time to invest in areal camera here are best performing DSLRs Under Rs55k

NIKON D5500:

With the smallest DSLRs body  that helps first time DSLRs user adapt to the realm of DSLRs the Nikon D5500 equips a 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor: 5fps continous  shooting,excellent movie quality and wireless connectivity.Coupling all of this with an uber-responsive LCD View finder and we have steller DSLRs camera unit that can be used for a good 4-5years.

The Nikokn D5500 is A DX-Format DSLR that is compatible with the vast range of the Nikon’s F-mount lenses, The pentaprism viewfinder has  has 95% frame coverage and the 39 focus point means that it focuses at very high speeds which is ideak for shooting sports events or fast moving object.Areas where the Nikon D5500 Scores high include its excellent image quality much improved video quality and in -camera audio receptions and wireless connectivity which allows you ti transfer files form camera on the Go.

Price : Rs 48,199

Canon EOS 750D and Pentax K-S2;

The canon EOS 750D is similar to the NIKON D5500 in term of performence but loses out on account of lesser autofocus points,Limited dynamic range slightly inferio focusing speed and low light photography and a bulkier body ,The EOS 750D is a wider broader DSLRs with straighter edges than its predecessor the EOS 700D Having said that it is still a fine camera to begin with.

Coming Up third is the Pentax K-S2 the biggest attraction of which is the completely weatherproofed body.The K-S2 is the only DSLR. in this segment and till much higher up the pricing ladder which has weatherproofing image,quality however is really good-at par with the canon 750D

Price Rs 51,515/53,395


The Nikon d3200 may be a generation old,but at it’s price with two lenses (18-55 mm and 55-200mm)makes for a steal deal

Price;-Rs 32,000

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