Top 5 Concepts cars at Paris Motor Show

While New cars are all about the  present concepts cars are a preview to the future.Companies showcase wild designs and technologies which one day may be available in your car as well.The Paris motor Show this year were full of concepts cars and a lot of them are quite intrestings.Here are the Best of the lot.


After the diesel car scandle.Volkswagen is trying to create a news indentity and electric might be the way to do it.The German car company gave us a Glimpse of How electric cars for VV will look in the future The I.D concepts is powere by 167HP Electric motor.The company says that the EV will have a driving range of 400km to 600km

2.Lexus UX Concepts:

Toyoto’s luxury brand Lexus showcased on of the most ploarising concepts cars at the show.The UX Concepts with its extremely radical design seems to be inspired by sci-fi movies.The design is focussed on two-“inside out” and deconstructed

3.Honda Civic Type R Prototype:

The Honda Civi Type R is not really a new car for the european market but this new concepts from the company was rreally turning up the heat at the event flared wheel arches aggressive stance and the large spoiler wing at the back,reaffirms that the car means bussiness.There are modification on the body to aid the aerodynamic performance.

4.Nissan Micra prototype:

At the paris Motor show this year,we got to see an all new good looking micra prototype joining the rank of hot hatches suchas the Renault Clio and ford focus ST.The new version is slightly bigger and appeals to a wider audience.We just hope,the company takes this concepts into Production and launces it here in india.

5.Mitsubhi GT-PHEV

The “Go Green” slogan was reinforced by Mitsunishi Hybrid concepts SUV The GT-PHEV.Mitusbhi claims that it is made for all kind of terrains and to cover long distances.The electric motor alone can cover about 120km and according to Mitsubhishi the combined range is about 10 times more than that.This car is likely to go into production next year

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